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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Tubular Wheelset

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The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate wheelset has an amazing calling card. The 40mm deep, 25mm wide tubular rims are built into a set weighing 1250g. You get an aero wheel and a climbing wheel at the same time. As a bonus, you also get a comfortable one, as the width is designed to mate to 25mm wide tires to both match the aerodynamics and keep the rolling resistance low.
For many of Mavic’s WorldTour riders this is their go-to wheel. It is designed for all conditions, and as most races feature a bit of everything, the wheel is never at a disadvantage.
The way Mavic gets the weight down, 555g for the front wheel, 695g for the rear, paired with 270g Mavic tires and Mavic BR 601 titanium skewers, is by building the wheels out of carbon fiber in every possible way. The front wheel has carbon-fiber spokes epoxied to a carbon-fiber hub, of which the only non-carbon parts are the axle (aluminum) and the bearings (stainless steel). The rear hub is made of aluminum, a necessity for the torque the hub experiences, but the spokes are also epoxied carbon fiber, with a little adjustment on the non-drive spokes. The wheels possess 20 spokes both front and rear.
The carbon-fiber spokes are bladed for aerodynamics, and are permanently tensioned. This furthers lateral stiffness when standing on the pedals and flying through corners and enhances power transfer to better drive the bike.
The brake tracks feature Mavic’s most impressive braking surface. They call it iTgMAX. They start with an internal rim bed, then build the sidewalls with multiple layers of seamless carbon-fiber. Then, they laser machine the braking surfaces to ensure consistency both in rim width and material surface texture. They provide a set of Mavic-labeled SwissStop Yellow King carbon pads, which balance power and modulation.
In terms of tires, they supply a Yksion Pro 25mm-wide GripLink tubular for the front and a 25mm PowerLink for the rear. The tires are designed by Mavic and help further the aerodynamics while giving you a comfortable, low rolling resistance ride. The tires weigh 270g, and, as they’re tubular, include the tube.
The rear wheel comes standard with a SRAM/Shimano cassette body. A Campagnolo body is available as an option. The wheel is delivered with the titanium skewers, multi-function wrench, and carbon brake pads. The pads are Mavic-branded SwissStop Yellow King, which Mavic highly recommends.
The Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Tubular Wheelset is the one-set wheel arsenal.


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