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Brand: Knight Composites Model: 785430
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 35 TLA CARBON CLINCHER CHRIS KING WHEELSETTubeless tyre technology has been taken to the next level by Knight Composites. In collaboration with Schwalbe, the brand have developed their TLA (Tubeless-Aero) system, combining speed, comfort and ease of use. With the aim of changing ho..
$ 1,410.00 $ 2,850.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 785431
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 35 TUBELESS AERO DISC CARBON CLINCHER RIMA modern configuration of Knight Composites' 35mm rim, the 35 Tubeless Aero Disc Carbon Clincher Rim brings the brand's leading carbon fibre construction together with disc brake and tubeless standards. When you're building a wheel designed ..
$ 470.00 $ 1,283.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 785433
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 50 TUBELESS AERO CARBON CLINCHER DISC DT SWISS 240 WHEELSETDeveloped specifically with the aim of providing fantastic aerodynamics and power to riders covering flatter routes on their outings, the Knight Composites 50 Tubeless Aero Carbon Clincher Disc DT Swiss 240 Wheelset is an a..
$ 1,242.00 $ 2,570.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 785432
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 50 TLA DISC CARBON CLINCHER RIMWith a depth designed for riders tackling long flat sections in their rides; introducing the Knight Composites 50 TLA Disc Carbon Clincher Rim. Made using Knight's EPS moulded carbon fibre techniques, this process removes any imperfections in the stru..
$ 470.00 $ 1,283.00
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