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Brand: Lightweight Model: 875401
LIGHTWEIGHT FERNWEG TUBULAR WHEELSETIt’s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you’ll reach your destination sooner. This is what the Lightweight FERNWEG Tubular Wheelset is all about, teasing out every last notch on the speedometer. Lightweight has built the stiffest..
$ 3,320.00 $ 6,033.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 875402
LIGHTWEIGHT GIPFELSTURM TUBULAR WHEELSET BLACK EDITIONRolex, Rolls Royce and Gucci, all evoke luxury, unparalleled performance and exceptional attention to detail. Another name to this list should be Lightweight. The Lightweight Gipfelsturm Tubular Wheelset Black Edition is the ultimate set of wheel..
$ 2,790.00 $ 5,150.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 875404
LIGHTWEIGHT MEILENSTEIN CLINCHER SPECIAL BLACK EDITION WHEELSETThe pinnacle of high-performance wheelsets, the Lightweight Meilenstein Schwarz Edition Clincher Wheelset (16/20) is designed for speed. The stiffest model in the German company's range, the Meilenstein offers both a comfortable and resp..
$ 3,020.00 $ 5,533.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 875403
LIGHTWEIGHT MEILENSTEIN TUBULAR WHEELSETLightweight has been looking for a wheel which would offer maximum toughness for minimum weight. Their search was futile, so they decided to build their own. This creation is the first of its kind, a new benchmark, a new standard, their MEILENSTEIN. Even to th..
$ 2,315.00 $ 4,358.00
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