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Santa Cruz Mountain Frames

Brand: Santa Cruz Model: 567292
SANTA CRUZ BLUR CARBON CC MOUNTAIN BIKE FRAME 2021Designed to be the most rapid of cross country steeds, the Santa Cruz Blur Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame is the choice when speed is of the essence. Svelte and nimble for hot laps but more than tough enough for all-day events, the Blur is committed, ..
$ 1,889.00 $ 3,648.00
Brand: Santa Cruz Model: 567291
SANTA CRUZ BRONSON ALLOY MOUNTAIN BIKE FRAME 2021Ready for sinuous singletrack, bruising downhill trails and high adrenalin jump lines, the Santa Cruz Bronson Alloy Mountain Bike Frame is versatility personified. Balancing the traits of agility and composure with aplomb this all-alloy chassis posses..
$ 1,179.00 $ 2,465.00
Brand: Santa Cruz Model: 567290
SANTA CRUZ BRONSON CARBON CC 3 MOUNTAIN BIKE FRAME 2021The Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon CC Mountain Bike Frame is a versatile trail chassis that is ready for any terrain. Balancing agility with stability, it’s the perfect off-road companion with which to unravel technical trails, attack jump lines and ..
$ 2,020.00 $ 3,867.00
Brand: Santa Cruz Model: 567289
SANTA CRUZ MEGATOWER CARBON CC COIL MOUNTAIN BIKE FRAME 2020The Santa Cruz Megatower Carbon CC Coil Mountain Bike Frame is the most versatile off-road chassis within the brand’s range. Amalgamating big 29er wheel compatibility with the hardest-hitting suspension, the Megatower infuses confidence int..
$ 2,050.00 $ 3,917.00
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