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Brand: Fulcrum Model: 1430378
TYRE TYPE 2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless)TYRE SIZE 28"DISCIPLINE Road / TriathlonASTM CATEGORY 2WEIGHT 1620 gRIM MATERIAL CarbonRIM MATERIAL DETAILS Full carbon, "UD" - carbon fiber finishingPROFILE HEIGHT MediumRIM HEIGHT Front and rear: 40 mmRIM WIDTH 27 mmINNER RIM WIDTH (CHANNEL) 19 mmTYRE..
$ 630.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 1430210
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 35 TLA CARBON CLINCHER CHRIS KING WHEELSETTubeless tyre technology has been taken to the next level by Knight Composites. In collaboration with Schwalbe, the brand have developed their TLA (Tubeless-Aero) system, combining speed, comfort and ease of use. With the aim of changing ho..
$ 1,410.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 1430211
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 35 TUBELESS AERO DISC CARBON CLINCHER RIMA modern configuration of Knight Composites' 35mm rim, the 35 Tubeless Aero Disc Carbon Clincher Rim brings the brand's leading carbon fibre construction together with disc brake and tubeless standards. When you're building a wheel designed ..
$ 470.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 1430213
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 50 TUBELESS AERO CARBON CLINCHER DISC DT SWISS 240 WHEELSETDeveloped specifically with the aim of providing fantastic aerodynamics and power to riders covering flatter routes on their outings, the Knight Composites 50 Tubeless Aero Carbon Clincher Disc DT Swiss 240 Wheelset is an a..
$ 1,242.00
Brand: Knight Composites Model: 1430212
KNIGHT COMPOSITES 50 TLA DISC CARBON CLINCHER RIMWith a depth designed for riders tackling long flat sections in their rides; introducing the Knight Composites 50 TLA Disc Carbon Clincher Rim. Made using Knight's EPS moulded carbon fibre techniques, this process removes any imperfections in the stru..
$ 470.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 1430215
LIGHTWEIGHT FERNWEG TUBULAR WHEELSETIt’s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you’ll reach your destination sooner. This is what the Lightweight FERNWEG Tubular Wheelset is all about, teasing out every last notch on the speedometer. Lightweight has built the stiffest..
$ 3,320.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 1430216
LIGHTWEIGHT GIPFELSTURM TUBULAR WHEELSET BLACK EDITIONRolex, Rolls Royce and Gucci, all evoke luxury, unparalleled performance and exceptional attention to detail. Another name to this list should be Lightweight. The Lightweight Gipfelsturm Tubular Wheelset Black Edition is the ultimate set of wheel..
$ 2,790.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 1430218
LIGHTWEIGHT MEILENSTEIN CLINCHER SPECIAL BLACK EDITION WHEELSETThe pinnacle of high-performance wheelsets, the Lightweight Meilenstein Schwarz Edition Clincher Wheelset (16/20) is designed for speed. The stiffest model in the German company's range, the Meilenstein offers both a comfortable and resp..
$ 3,020.00
Brand: Lightweight Model: 1430217
LIGHTWEIGHT MEILENSTEIN TUBULAR WHEELSETLightweight has been looking for a wheel which would offer maximum toughness for minimum weight. Their search was futile, so they decided to build their own. This creation is the first of its kind, a new benchmark, a new standard, their MEILENSTEIN. Even to th..
$ 2,315.00
Brand: Mavic Model: 1430221
MAVIC COMETE PRO CARBON SL TUBULAR WHEELSET 2020The Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL Tubular Wheelset from French wheel experts Mavic uses a 64mm deep NACA airfoil rim paired with hubs that feature QRM+ adjustable sealed cartridge bearings. The rear hub has an Instant Drive 360 freehub that engages in jus..
$ 1,100.00
Brand: Mavic Model: 1430219
MAVIC COMETE ROAD T 17 TUBULAR DISC REAR WHEELGoing by looks only, the Mavic Comete Road Tubular Disc Rear Wheel is an unlimited speed machine. High modulus carbon fibre flanges in a unidirectional honeycomb weave are what gives this elite level wheel its ultra-strength status and minimal wind resis..
$ 1,150.00
Brand: Mavic Model: 1430220
MAVIC COSMIC PRO CARBON UST DISC NO TYRES WHEELSETThe Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc Wheelset without tyres is stiff and aerodynamically optimised so that speed and momentum are easy to maintain. While minimising drag, the mid-depth 45mm rim is also stable in crosswinds, inspiring confidence in di..
$ 730.00
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