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Castelli Estremo Gloves

Castelli Estremo Gloves
Castelli Estremo Gloves


Castelli's warmest cycling gloves, the Estremo is perfect for the coldest rides. Featuring Windstopper® X-Fast fabric, which is windproof and water repellent and has an insulating fleece-lined inner, the Estremo will keep your hands toasty warm even in the worst winter conditions. The grip is provided by silicone detailing on the palm, which also complements the glove's durable design. Durability is further provided by a tough micro-suede thumb section, ensuring longevity. The embossed tone-on-tone scorpion logo on the back of the glove is a stylish addition to what is the ultimate cold-weather glove.

• Castelli's warmest cold-weather glove

• Long finger design

• Pioneering Castelli Windstopper® X-Fast fabric provides wind and water resistance

• Inner is fleece-lined for insulation

• Silicone detailing on palm adds grip

• High neoprene adjustable Velcro closure cuff with pre-curved design protects the wrists and lower arms

• Microsuede thumb section for durability

• Embossed tone on tone Castelli scorpion logo on the back

• Weight: 165 grams (pair, size medium)

• Temperature range: -5-5°C, 23-40°F

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