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Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes

Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes
Fizik Infinito X1 MTB Shoes


Comfortable, plush and lightweight, one shoe comes in at just 294 grams, and gives you complete control over your connection to the bike. Built over a full UD carbon sole for unshakeable stiffness, this shoe transfers your power with ease through the two bolt cleat into your pedals, whilst with the addition of rubberised studs and impressive, bulky treads for high traction in thick and muddy conditions presented on the cyclocross course, these shoes show their impressive adaptability for use in a range of environments.

An Infinito footbed offering a neat comfort whilst keeping a low stack height, this shoe is sure to provide the high base level performance you demand. With an upper made from a laser perforated microtex fabric for a plush, comfortable fit, these shoes offer supreme comfort in their composition. Dynamic arch support and an increased volume control system for a neat melding around the foot, you can be sure to ride with a neat but low-profile shoe. Sealed and closed by means of the dual Boa IP1-B dials that offer micrometric adjustment, you can be sure to get the precision fit you need in order to perform at your very best.

• Materials: Laser perforated microtex

• Outsole: Full UD carbon with rubber studs

• Closure system: Infinito closure system with double Boa IP1-B dials

• Insole: Infinito footbed

• Dynamic arch support for improved fit

• Increased volume control system for plush comfort

• Stiff carbon sole

• High quality treads for great traction in cyclocross conditions

• Designed with the input of the world's leading pro riders

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