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Argon 18

Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430108
ARGON 18 DARK MATTER DISC GRAVEL ROAD FRAMESET 2020Build up the Argon 18's Dark Matter Disc Gravel Road Frameset into a highly capable adventure racing bike. The geometry is derived from the brand's legendary WorldTour bikes so you get assured handling and efficient power transfer, and there's plent..
$ 1,000.00
Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430148
ARGON 18 E-117 DISC TT/TRIATHLON FRAMESET 2020The carbon E-117 Disc TT/Triathlon Frameset from Argon 18 uses an innovative Press-fit 3D steerer system that allows the headtube to be effectively extended in order to dial in exactly the right fit without sacrificing rigidity as spacers would. The aero..
$ 1,100.00
Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430149
ARGON 18 E-117 TT/TRIATHLON FRAMESET 2020The E-117 TT/Triathlon Frameset makes a great starting point for a bike that can be used in both triathlons and UCI time trials. The carbon frame and fork have been designed to be an as low drag as possible within the UCI regulations, and includes shielded br..
$ 660.00
Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430227
ARGON 18 GALLIUM DISC ROAD FRAMESET 2020Packing in much of the same technology as the top end Gallium Pro, this Argon 18 Gallium Disc Road Frameset is highly versatile, with clearance for wide 30mm tyres. It uses exactly the same aggressive geometry as the Pro and features the Press-Fit 3D System so..
$ 1,510.00
Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430226
ARGON 18 GALLIUM PRO DISC FRAMESETVersatile and race-ready, the Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc Frameset can be built into a road bike that'll handle everything. World Tour proved geometry puts you in an aggressive position that's ergonomically optimised and handles flawlessly, with the Argon Fit System (..
$ 1,460.00
Brand: Argon 18 Model: 1430228
ARGON 18 KRYPTON CS DISC ROAD FRAMESET 2020Build the Argon 18 Krypton CS Disc Road Frameset into an endurance bike, one that'll make the longest rides on the roughest roads more comfortable, while remaining aerodynamic, light and stiff, so there's no compromise on performance. The geometry is fine-t..
$ 1,040.00
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