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Brand: Cinelli Model: 1430193
CINELLI GAZZETTA SINGLE SPEED BIKE 2020Cinelli’s Gazzetta Single Speed Bike has a simple one-gear drivetrain, making it very reliable and low maintenance. It can be ridden single speed or fixed gear by using the KT flipflop hub to provide a different riding experience and the upright position provid..
$ 540.00
Brand: Cinelli Model: 1430192
CINELLI TIPO PISTA TRACK BIKE 2020The Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike uses a custom alloy frameset and carbon forks from Columbus to make an affordable yet still very capable bike that can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to the included brakes. The long, steel-plated dropouts allow plenty of scope ..
$ 605.00
Brand: Cinelli Model: 1430190
CINELLI VIGORELLI PISTA ALUMINIUM TRACK BIKE 2020The Vigorelli Pista Aluminium Track Bike is Cinelli’s flagship track bike, taking its name from that of the Milan velodrome. With the Columbus triple-butted aluminium frame benefitting from full track-specific geometry, a high bottom bracket and incre..
$ 840.00
Brand: Cinelli Model: 1430189
CINELLI VIGORELLI PISTA STEEL TRACK BIKE 2020With a Columbus Thron steel frame and geometry designed specifically for criterium style fixed-gear racing, the Cinelli Vigorelli Pista Steel Track Bike is not just a converted track bike. The longer fork rake and high bottom bracket help when cornering, ..
$ 805.00
Brand: Cinelli Model: 1430191
CINELLI VIGORELLI SHARK PISTARD TRACK BIKE 2020Aerodynamics are important at the speeds frequently seen in the velodrome so Cinelli designed the Vigorelli Shark Pistard Track Bike with shaped Columbus Airplane tubing to help cut through the air. Both front and rear brakes can be fitted to the bike s..
$ 940.00
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