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Brand: Orbea Model: 303041
ORBEA ALMA M-LTD 29" MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021Precise, responsive and ultra-efficient, the Orbea Alma M-LTD 29" Mountain Bike is the pinnacle of cross-country technology. The super-light OMX carbon construction is perfectly paired with the rigid Orbea Spirit fork and provides an intuitive, almost telepathi..
USD 3,822.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 501933
ORBEA AVANT H30 ROAD BIKE 2021An endurance-inspired geometry is punctuated with a sophisticated alloy frame and a smattering of accurate and dependable components to make the Orbea Avant H30 Road Bike a strong performer across the longest of rides.The frame is realised in a high grade of aluminium t..
USD 610.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 550756
ORBEA CARPE 10 DISC HYBRID BIKE 2021Ultimately versatile, the Orbea Carpe 10 Disc Hybrid Bike is designed to fit around your busy lifestyle. Built on a high-quality Aluminium 6000 frame, this bike is robust and lightweight, making it perfect for daily commutes and leisure rides, while the inclusion ..
USD 690.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 332465
ORBEA GAIN D30 105 DISC E-ROAD BIKE 2021With a lightweight and nimble aluminium frame and clean, unobtrusive cable management, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Orbea Gain D30 105 Disc E-Road Bike doesn't have a motor or battery at all. Ride it up a steep hill, hit the power button and you'll insta..
USD 1,800.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 332466
ORBEA GAIN D50 CLARIS DISC E-ROAD BIKE 2021Ride further and have more fun with the Gain D50 Claris Disc E-Road Bike from Orbea. The 250 watt motor is based in the rear hub, while the battery sits neatly in the downtube - making this bike look more like a traditional road bike than an e-bike. But cal..
USD 1,450.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 303040
ORBEA OCCAM H30 MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021Blending reactivity with composure thanks to its sophisticated alloy frame, plush suspension and accurate components, the Orbea Occam H30 full suspension mountain bike tackles and conquers any off-road trail scenario with consummate ease.Light but strong and lateral..
USD 1,175.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 303030
ORBEA OIZ H20 MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021A quick and versatile steed, the Orbea Oiz H20 Mountain Bike performs with accuracy and enthusiasm across any race course or technical trail thanks to its amalgamation of advanced frame design, spritely cross country character and generous levels of suspension.A high-..
USD 1,280.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 303034
ORBEA OIZ H30 MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021The Orbea Oiz H30 Mountain Bike merges a reactive and robust high-grade alloy frame with generous amounts of suspension and an aggressive geometry to deliver any rider across even the most demanding cross country terrain with energy and enthusiasm.Both front and rear ..
USD 1,150.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 303033
ORBEA OIZ M PRO MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021Blending a top of the range full carbon frame and high-level components with a precise character, the Orbea Oiz M PRO Mountain Bike delivers experienced riders across race courses and technical cross-country topography with increased velocity and enthusiasm.Orbea’s ..
USD 2,450.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 303031
ORBEA OIZ M30 MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021Excelling within any cross country riding scenario thanks to its racing-inspired design and accurate components, the Orbea Oiz M30 Mountain Bike delivers even the most experienced riders to the finish line with increased speed and heightened composure.The OMR carbon m..
USD 1,620.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 501930
ORBEA ORCA M20 DISC ROAD BIKE 2021Moulding a sophisticated carbon construction into a highly refined frame silhouette and adding accurate components, the Orbea Orca M20 Disc Road Bike naturally infuses a multifaceted performance that revels in mountain gran fondos, back road excursions and the faste..
USD 1,250.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 501932
ORBEA ORCA M30 DISC ROAD BIKE 2021Merging refined design traits, a high-grade carbon construction and precise components, the Orbea Orca M30 Disc Road Bike instantly becomes a loyal and lofty-performing companion across the full sweep of road riding applications. From gruelling all-day rides in the ..
USD 1,050.00
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