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Orbea Road

Brand: Orbea Model: 1430053
ORBEA AVANT H30 ROAD BIKE 2021An endurance-inspired geometry is punctuated with a sophisticated alloy frame and a smattering of accurate and dependable components to make the Orbea Avant H30 Road Bike a strong performer across the longest of rides.The frame is realised in a high grade of aluminium t..
$ 610.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 1430050
ORBEA ORCA M20 DISC ROAD BIKE 2021Moulding a sophisticated carbon construction into a highly refined frame silhouette and adding accurate components, the Orbea Orca M20 Disc Road Bike naturally infuses a multifaceted performance that revels in mountain gran fondos, back road excursions and the faste..
$ 1,250.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 1430052
ORBEA ORCA M30 DISC ROAD BIKE 2021Merging refined design traits, a high-grade carbon construction and precise components, the Orbea Orca M30 Disc Road Bike instantly becomes a loyal and lofty-performing companion across the full sweep of road riding applications. From gruelling all-day rides in the ..
$ 1,050.00
Brand: Orbea Model: 1430051
ORBEA ORCA M40 DISC ROAD BIKE 2021The Orbea Orca M40 Disc Road Bike blends a refined carbon construction, lively character and reliable components to lend a multifaceted and fast performance to a gamut of road rides whether they be in the mountains, across the roughest of roads or through the quicke..
$ 1,000.00
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