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POC Coron Air Spin Helmet

POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet
POC Coron Air Spin Helmet


The Coron Air SPIN has been designed to deliver performance protection all day long. Taking POC’s whole-helmet approach to design and construction to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, the Coron Air SPIN features optimized ventilation channels to ensure airflow is maximized at both low and high speeds, making it ideal for all-day use, especially during transfers between Enduro stages.

Other features developed as part of our whole-helmet approach include SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) our patent-pending silicone pad technology system; removeable cheek pads for extra protection on the way down and increased ventilation when riding between Enduro race stages.

The helmet’s specially formed ear chambers are designed to minimize the negative effect on balance and hearing associated with wearing a full-face helmet. A fiber glass shell and a multi-impact EPP liner provide high impact performance, durability and low weight.

Developed in collaboration with POC Team athletes Martin Söderström and Robin Wallner, the Coron Air SPIN provides protection trusted by the professionals.

• Certified downhill and enduro specific full-face helmet with fibreglass shell construction

• Multi-impact EPP liner, is light but gives high levels of protection from heavy impacts

• Superior ventilation due to innovative vent design

• Ear chambers designed to support improved balance and hearing

• SPIN internal padding cradles the head and moves independently from the main body to reduce the forces of angular impacts

• Chin bar constructed for optimised protection and easy breathing

• Emergency removable cheek pads for added security in the case of a head or neck injury

• Break Away visor designed to break off in the case of an impact to protect the rider’s neck

• The comfortable internal padding can be removed for washing

• Simple and effective buckle fastening system for added security

• Precision and seamless fit with the Ora mountain bike goggle

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