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Roval Terra CLX Disc Rear Carbon Clincher Wheel

Roval Terra CLX Disc Rear Carbon Clincher Wheel
Roval Terra CLX Disc Rear Carbon Clincher Wheel


With a 25mm wide internal rim, the Roval Terra CLX Disc Rear Carbon Clincher Wheel is compatible with 28mm to 42mm tyres, making it perfect for mixed terrain, gravel and even off-road riding. It's built for strength with no compromise on weight so will still feel quick on smooth tarmac. The 32mm rim depth brings a slight aerodynamic benefit without causing instability in high crosswinds. Being constructed from a carbon composite keeps weight down, and 24 spokes lace the rim to the Roval AFD2 hub. CeramicSpeed bearings have been used in this quality hub for a buttery smooth feel, good longevity and faster rolling.


·         Carbon clincher, tubeless-ready

·         Wheel size: 700c

·         Rim material: Advanced carbon composite

·         Rim width (internal): 25mm

·         Rim depth: 32mm

·         Spoke pattern: One-cross/two-cross (2:1)

·         Spoke count: 24

·         Spoke type: DT Swiss Aerolite T-head

·         Nipple type: DT Swiss Pro Lock alloy hexagonal

·         Spoke length: Drive-side/non-drive - 272mm/277mm

·         Hub: Roval AFD2, centre-lock, DT Swiss EXP internals, Shimano or SRAM XDR, 142x12mm thru-axle end cap

·         Assembly method: Handbuilt

·         Included: Roval padded wheel bag, Roval tubeless rim tape and valves (pre-installed)

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