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Scott Road Tri Carbon Shoes

Scott Road Tri Carbon Shoes
Scott Road Tri Carbon Shoes


Designed for triathletes like Sebastian Kienle, who are up for the win, the SCOTT Road Tri Carbon is a pure race machine. By bringing the BOA® IP1 Fit System to the shoe heel, we've been able to design a much sleeker, clean shoe shape. This design saves important watts without losing any stiffness or comfort. The HMF outsole with a stiffness index of 9 ensures maximum energy transfer with zero loss of power.

• Stiffness index 9

• HMF carbon outsole

• Aero-optimized design

• BOA® Fit System

• ErgoLogic insole

• Lightweight microfiber upper


Adjustment System



Outsole: HMF Carbon, Sticki Rubber / Stiffness Index 9

Upper: Lightweight Microfiber, 3D Airmesh


Heel BOA® Fit System IP-1


ErgoLogic removable insole


265 g

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