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2023 Felt

Brand: Felt Model: AS234951
2023 FELT AR ADVANCED 105 DI2 ROAD BIKE • RACE-WORTHY SPEED WITH A MORE ACCESSIBLE BUILD An aero race bike is an exceptional addition to a performance-oriented rider's stable. For hard training efforts and your Strava segment hunting, you've got a perfect solo-effort rig.  For race..
$ 3,200.00 $ 5,833.00
Brand: Felt Model: AS234952
2023 FELT AR ADVANCED ULTEGRA DI2 ROAD BIKE • AERO-OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED Designed to cheat the wind and for hardcore riding, the AR is a dynamic bike willing to go the distance with whatever you can throw its way, whether that's driving the breakaway or positioning yourself for the final ..
$ 4,400.00 $ 7,833.00
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